I would just love to play on a contrabass clarinet that isn’t broken.

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Bertha (the contra) and me. :)

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thatartstudent74 asked: In Solo and Ensemble this year I have been asked to play contrabass for clarinet choir. I've played bass clarinet in the past but never contrabass and was wondering if you have any tips as far as embouchure, breathing technique and also how I could reach the second octaves? Thanks a million!!

Sure! So the Contrabass Clarinet is a lot like the Bass Clarinet, only your mouth cavity needs to be more open and you need to use much more breath support. Because the tubing on the Contrabass is more open, there’s less resistance but that also means you can only play shorter phrases before having to take a breath. For the clarion register, make sure to adjust your voicing appropriately to get the correct pitch out. This will involve some getting used it but it will start to come naturally in time! Also here’s a link to a tutorial video I did back in 2011 [x]

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I took videos of my contrabass clarinet practicing to document my progress. And they almost all end in some sort of “I give up” face.

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I didn’t choose the thug life

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And this is why I want to have a contra alto clarinet.

Dat range. I heard at least 4.5 octaves.


If only, if only…

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comeoncomehere asked: Hi, I'm Keirston. I've played bass clarinet for three years and this will be my first year playing contrabass, and I know nothing about it. I've never even been in a band that had a contra player. I have until January to master it but won't get my instrument for another week. Are the notes different? Will I need to learn new/more fingerings? I'm assuming it's going to require a lot more breath support.

Hi Keirston! Luckily you read and finger Contrabass Clarinet notes just like you would on Bass Clarinet. It is true that it’s going to need a lot more breath support because of the wider air column. When learning the instrument focus on effective breathing! Hopefully this video tutorial will help too [x]