I have to return this beauty to its owner after my clarinet choir’s performance tonight.

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We got a new contra at school and I needed to take a selfie.

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Anonymous said: Hi. So that picture where you were like "Props to a middle schooler for marching contra alto clarinet" is that CCHS and Pioneer? Bc I think I just accidentally found my middle and high school.

Lol it’s from when the Pioneer kids get to march at Cooper

Contrabass clarinet is HARD”

Not seen around this area much anymore, this beautiful Vito Contrabass Clarinet is a new arrival at Rick’s Musical Instruments, Inc. of Cumberland, Rhode Island.


I’m about 5’9” and was wearing 4-inch heels when this picture was taken.

and I’m still shorter than the clarinet.

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Daniel Ahrendt took some footage of last week’s show on April 19th 2014. 

Arrington de Dionyso- contrabass clarinet and lalove (Sulawesi flute)

Paul Hoskin- contrabass clarinet- 

China Star- amplified glass

Ben Kapp- bass drums

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I would just love to play on a contrabass clarinet that isn’t broken.

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Bertha (the contra) and me. :)

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